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Roman Numerals

For those of us a little slow to the start the C = 100 in roman numerals.  If we lived in the days of Ancient Rome our name might be CCNipples, but if everyone use to wear togas we might be CNipples.

“What are Roman Numerals?” Here is a video explaining what they are:

Roman Numerals are used by many fraternal clubs and by the Super Bowl!

This design is available at midnight 2.16.2011.

Every few months we will randomly offer our old pricing model of #1 is $1, #2 is $2, and so on…

We matched this design up with some pink and green rain so it pops off of a white canvas.

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Every t-shirt has a story

This things like a trailer for a Hollywood movie.

Way to go PacSun.

New Design, Free Shirt, and Old Pricing. Read Slowly!)

1. New Design

The new design will be coming soon and we will leave “Ghost Town” up a few more days while we get it ready.

2. Free Shirt

Every “Ghost Town” shirt ordered (Which is one of our favorite designs) will receive a Free Shirt from the Archive Store.

Your Free Shirt will come in the same size that you order of “Ghost Town”. We will  send “Today”, “Make Progress”, “At Your Leisure”, or “Don’t make me a Target” as Your Free Shirt.

There is something extra for the customers that ordered “Ghost Town” before the Free Shirt addition.  You’ll see below.

3. Old Pricing

The new design will be available with our OG pricing. That’s right #1 is $1, #2 is $2, and so on. You know the deal.
We will do this every once in awhile to remember what got us to this point of not making any money. Hope you can laugh with us.

Someday we do hope 200Nipples becomes successful with a flat price per shirt.

For the people who ordered a “Ghost Town” shirt before the Free Shirt addition: We are going to give you the first crack at the next design with the OG pricing.
We’ll send you an email about it before the new design goes up.

All Day I Dream About Shirts.

All Day I Dream About Shirts.

Now that I know what ADIDAS stands for I am going to buy more Adidas gear.

Especially this vintage shirt below. We hope that one day 200Nipples Prints
will be worth a premium since we only make 100 of each design. Now to demand
what this shirt below demands that’s extra special.

This was a limited edition  t-shirt  collaboration between RUN DMC and Adidas.

It sells for between 10-15,000 dollars when someone puts it up for sale.

Here is a video RUN DMC did for ADIDAS. Did they do it because they loved ADIDAS or did ADIDAS Pay them?

Ghost Town & Archives

A GHOST TOWN (Available 02.04.11) is what it was here at 200Nipples for the past few months. That is actually the inspiration behind this design. One of the buildings in the GHOST TOWN has a 200 Nipples sign hanging out in front. Is it a Salon, Casino, or Haunted Inn? There is also a random tourist, citizen, or ghost walking in the streets.

You can now buy some of the archived designs from the past at the ARCHIVE STORE. We are still only selling a total of 100 of each design. What you see available in the Archive is the balance available after the design comes down from the homepage. Once a design does go into the archive store it does cost more so buy it when it’s new on the homepage for less if you want it.

You will see some more changes and additions coming. We will be turning up the tops that cover your nipples, we might change the numbering system on the shirts, and we will be getting our inspiration from some unique places that will make each product even more unique. 200 Nipples will always keep it limited edition!

Other sites sell shirts for a limited time for less money (and they probably sell thousands) we will not go there. We will stick to selling a limited amount vs. a limited time. We buy shirts from them sometimes for ourselves so there is love for them. Hugs and Kisses!

Some Down Time

Hey gang, you may notice that the site is offline. We’ll be back in a few weeks with a few changes I’m pretty excited about. See you then…

Pricing Changes

Effective at midnight tonight we’re killing the free shipping thing and dropping shirt prices to $19. Another change is we’re probably going to let this one run for a while.

There are a few BIG changes about to happen around here and we’re concentrating on getting those ready for you guys. I don’t want to spoil too much, but pretty soon you’ll be able to buy shirts out of the archives. So if you missed a design in the past, you’ll be able to still get one. At least up until we’ve sold 100 of any design; that won’t change. Each shirt will still be sold in limited editions of 100.

Shirt Notice: Born Yellow

Born Yellow by 200 Nipples

You can’t control where you came from. The cards we’re dealt are far beyond our control, most of the time all we can do is play them. Just a little something to keep in mind the next time you feel like hating on someone just because of the name printed on their construction paper wrapper or the color of their wax. Food for thought, indeed…

Also, I love interrobangs, because I’m sort of a typography geek. That is all.

Born Yellow Girlie Tee by 200 Nipples

As always…

Our shirts are printed on high quality ring spun soft cotton blanks, have “tagless” printed tags for comfort, are packed with a certificate of authenticity, and made with love.

“Born Yellow” goes on sale on the home page June 7th, 2010 at 12:00am (US CST).

If you like this shirt, let us know in the comments. If you hate it, tell us why. The more feedback we get, the better.

Shirt Notice: Human Hangover

Human Hangover - Limited Edition Tee by 200 NIpples

Ah, another shirt with a message to piss off the whiners. Anyway, I think the design itself is pretty cool this time around, along with a somewhat timely message. (What with untold amounts of sweet black crude spilling into the Gulf of Mexico as I type this.)

Human Hangover - Limited Edition Girlie Tee

The shirt will be printed on a super-soft high quality ring spun cotton blank, it has a “tagless” tag for comfort, is packed with a certificate of authenticity, and is made with love. Enjoy.

“Human Hangover” goes on sale on the home page May 24th, 2010 at 12:00am (US CST).

If you like this shirt, let us know in the comments. If you hate it, tell us why. The more feedback we get, the better.

Update: Requested graphic detail

Human Hangover Design Detail

No new shirt this week.

Hey gang, we’re going to let the current shirt run for another week. (Those of you paying attention to the new shirt countdown probably already know this.) I’ve been spending my time on some new features for the site, so we’re in somewhat of a holding pattern at them moment. We’ll get a new one up next Monday, I promise.

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