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"One Shirt" Design Discussion

The “One Shirt” was sold to friends and family during the beta test. It is a number 1 made up of 100 t-shirts to commemorate our first design for sale on the site. It was designed by me.

All the other designs will have their own “New Shirt Reminder” post that will serve as a place to discuss the design. The “One Shirt” will never have such a post, so this will serve as place for discussion for the “One Shirt.”

Featured Designer: Ben Chlapek

Ben Chlapek | 200 Nipples T-Shirt Designer

Ben Chlapek is our first featured designer. Ben has a BFA from the University of Missouri and lives in Kansas City’s River Market district, for the moment. His living room is a print studio where he designs and screen prints posters for concerts across The Midwest. His current client list includes Feist, Iron & Wine, The Black Keys, Kimya Dawson, The Mountain Goats, and Andrew Bird. He also works for the Independent Kansas City Record Label .

Ben is a freelance illustrator, designer, and printer. You can catch up with him on his personal site at NeverSleeping.com, his MySpace, or his Flickr account. You can also find his hand-screened posters for sale at .

Ben’s premier design for 200 Nipples, RIAA RIP, will be available sale July 1st.

to get a reminder the day before it goes on sale.

New Features / Fixes... The Beta Goes On!

  • A Twitter link to the 200 Nipples Blog
  • A Friend Feed link to the 200 Nipples Blog
  • Better design resolution in Internet Explorer 7 (Firefox: It’s free, safer and faster.)
  • Layout fix for the button grid Internet Explorer 6 (Firefox: It’s free, safer and faster.)
  • A better home-page explanation of what it is we’re actually doing around here
  • A contact form email delivery confirmation message that actually displays
  • Improved multiple-cart count down accuracy on the home page
  • Sizing charts for all shirts
  • Two quashed typos

We work hard for the money! Woo- Woo… This beta test will end July 1st. At that time we’ll have a new shirt design and be promoting like mad.

First Sales Have Been Made!

The cart seems to be handling the first few sales fabulously. Tip of the hat to Scott who designed the thing!

06-16-08, Beta Launch!

We’re up and running. This beta test will last until the 07-01-08. Thank you for coming by. Use the contact page to let us know what you think of the place and especially the ordering process, if you buy a shirt.

Welcome: The 200 Nipples Blog

Welcome to the 200 Nipples Blog. It is the source for the latest news and events going on at 200Nipples.com: sellers of killer t-shirts from $1 to $100.

I’m Wade and I will be doing most of the writing on this blog. Stick around and I’ll keep you posted on new designs, whatever else is going on in our world, and how it may or may not affect you.


New Shirt Reminder Service

This is the best way to stay in the loop; get a quick reminder the day before we have a new shirt going up on the site. You have two options:

The only thing you will receive by subscribing here, is the day-before notice for the next shirt. Full blog subscriptions are available via the links on the right.


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How to get your design printed on a 200 Nipples T-Shirt...

You want to be part of the magic, eh? Sweet. We want you to be part of it, too. Use our contact page to send us a link to your online portfolio, or Flickr account, or snail-mail us a hard copy of something you’ve done. Just provide us with a way to see your mad skills in illustration and design. If we’re pickin’ up what you’re puttin’ down, we’ll be in touch (You should provide us with a way to get in touch with you, as well.)

We are Kansas City based, so we’ll probably give preference to artists in KC, Lawrence or Columbia. We love it here, and we want to foster creativity ’round these parts. Having said that, if your sauce is hot enough, we’ll take you anyway.

We don’t expect you to give us free design work, but there’s more than a million ways to skin that cat, and we find different designers want different things anyway. (Glory, cash, beer.) So, we negotiate mutually satisfactory agreements with all of our designers, one on one. If you have a form, or an amount, of compensation in mind, tell us up front when you submit your stuff.

Good luck!