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New Shirt: Canary Yellow by Alice

Canary Yellow by Alice

Canary Yellow by Alice

Our next design for sale is Canary Yellow by …

I was born in Kent and grew up around Sevenoaks. After studying Graphic Design at school, I decided to move on to sculpture for University. I graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a 1st class BA in Model Design in 2005. Not having much else to do, I stayed on for a further 2 years to complete an MA in the same subject (The University still won’t give me my certificate because they say I owe them money, so I don’t know what I got for that.) I worked as a sculptor for a product-design consultancy in Windsor for most of 2006, but was forced out of sculpting by all the adverse reactions I was having to the poisonous chemicals used in action-figures. Thus, I returned to my first love; drawing. I’ve taken the long way around, but…well, actually I can’t say it’s been ‘fun’. It has been informative, and I’ve met some unforgettable people along the way…and a few other ‘people I’d like to forget’. I currently work full-time for a design consultancy in London, where I provide concept art (London 2012 Olympic Planning Commitee), storyboards (Muller, Wrigley’s) and Logo designs (Pepsi Max).

You can learn more about Alice and see more of her work at . I’m pretty excited about this tee. To me, it’s kind of an unsettling combination of something dark with something that’s delicate; pretty and deranged. It goes on sale tonight at midnight.

If you like this design, let us know in the comments. If you hate it, tell us why. The more feedback we get, the better.

UPDATE: As requested, I’m posting a deatil shot of this design. (There will also be a detail shot on the hoe page as usual when it goes on sale.) Click the pic for a larger version.

Canary Yellow by Alice - Detail

Canary Yellow by Alice - Detail

Ben Chlapek Gets Some KC Press

Ben Chlapek - Worthless

Ben Chlapek - Worthless

Ben Chlapek was the first designer we featured here at 200Nipples. I personally love his design asthetic and he’s done a lot of killer poster work in his short design career so far. He currently has a write up in Present Magazine, a Kansas City specific rag “presenting the best of Kansas City.” You can find the article . You can catch up with ben at NeverSleeping.com.

New T-Shirt: "Tea-Shirt"

Tea-Shirt - Limited Edition T-Shirt by Kelvin Mason

Tea-Shirt - Limited Edition T-Shirt by Kelvin Mason

We’re pleased to have our next shirt designed by Kelvin Mason of SubtopiaStudios.com. (Check out his “Spaceman” exhibition it’s absolutely badass.)

Kelvin Mason is an artist/designer/professor who lives in the Chicago suburbs. He studied at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto and worked designing t-shirts for a local company before venturing out on his own to found the short-lived company Black Current T-shirt Design. Going back to school, he studied printmaking at University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, and then printmaking and digital art The University of Arizona in Tucson. Since that time, he has worked for several multimedia companies and then took a job teaching at West Virginia Wesleyan College where he eventually became Chair of the Department of Art. Recently he relocated to Chicago where he now teaches interactive media studies and printmaking at North Central College and holds the position of Associate Professor of Art. Most of his spare time is now devoted to designing video games. He has no cats.

He’s got talent to spare and when he contacted us with his “Tea-Shirt” design, I jumped at the chance.

Tea-Shirt by Kelvin Mason - Detail

Tea-Shirt by Kelvin Mason - Detail

“Tea-Shirt” goes on sale tonight at midnight (CST). (As always, this means it’s your last chance to get our current design, “Diamond Chasers” before it enters the archives and the screens are destroyed, never to be printed again.)

If you like this design, let us know in the comments. If you hate it, tell us why. The more feedback we get, the better.

Featured Designer: Steven "SteveOramA" Wilson

Steven “SteveOramA” Wilson, 26 years old, living in Honolulu, Hawaii
I’ve been experimenting with some type of art ever since I was a little kid.  Around 5 years old I grabbed a pencil and starting drawing anything I saw in my books.  I haven’t put down a pencil ever since.  Fast forward 10 years later and you’d see me practicing oil painting, wood carving, sculpting, photography, and graphic design.  In the past few years I taught myself web design and how to use design/editing programs.  It’s not until now that I’ve decided to share with the public what I’ve learned and designed.
Steve’s design for 200 Nipples, “Intrusion” will be on sale Monday. You can catch up with him at his online portfolio, his blog or on MySpace.

Featured Designer: Cris.Howe.Designs

Cris.Howe.Designs was formed in the summer of 08, by two guys who stare aimlessly at band shirts all day and think up ideas for shirts.

We decided to turn that thought into reality, and we made a MySpace profile, and told maybe 10 people about it, and maybe 4 of those people were in bands. Out of just that little telling, we started getting friend requests daily, and messages asking for designs. We’ve designed for quite a few local bands, and we’re looking to only get bigger! We put a lot of time and effort into our designs, to not only satisfy the client, but to satisfy us. We feel like our job isn’t done until it’s liked by many people.

So far all the designs we’ve sold have been pretty big hits on shirts, and every band has been more than pleased with our work. Our designs are reasonably priced, and people have been coming back to us for more than one design so, check us out!

Cris.Howe.Designs will be bringing you our second Halloween t-shirt design that hits next week. It’s called “I Love You To Death” and it will be on the blog this Sunday, and will go on sale Monday, as usual. .

P.S. That illustration will make so much sense once you see the design these guys, er, broke off for you. ;-)

New Featured Designer: MatTHEW Skiff

Matthew Skiff is a Designer and Illustrator out of Denver, Colorado.  His work is inspired by his childhood, cartoons, horror moives, skateboarding and Ecto-Cooler!  He’s a pretty big nerd!

You can catchup with Matthew on Ithew.com.

You can also track him down on his MySpace, Flickr and .

Featured Designer: David Medrano - "Artist RX Design"

David Medrano – “Artist RX Design” – is a illustrator/graphic designer who sprouted a love for art at a very young age. Inspired by comic books, cartoons, and at an older age fine art, and music the the admiration for art and artists alike only grew stronger. David currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico working on a freelance basis for clothing companies, photographers, fashion models, and small businesses from all around.

Dave’s design for 200nipples.com is “If Immobilized, Incinerate” and you can see it here.

You can catch up with Dave at his MySpace page: Image620 or shoot him an email at image620 [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Featured Designer: Craig Watkins (a.k.a. Wotto)

has been illustrating for 10 years and has had a huge range of clients. Craig has painted everything from murals and stage backdrops to custom MUNNY figures. His passion is character design and creating tees that people will wear and be seen in.

You can catch up with Wotto at his Blogspot T-shirt blog, his Big Cartel Shop, or his Flickr Photostream.

His 200nipples-exclusive-extra-kickass-T-shirt, “Insides” goes on sale Monday, August 18th. You can see what “Insides” will look like when we send out the this Sunday, 24hours before it goes on sale.

Featured Designer: Geoff Ponnath

Geoff Ponnath is our latest featured designer.

Geoff is from Kansas City, Kansas and spends his days at Voltage Creative as a designer and his evenings with his fiance, Beth, who shares his love of pizza, naps, alpacas, and fine Batman films. He celebrated his 75th birthday last December. Please remember to vote for him in the 2012 presidential election.

Geoff’s premier design for 200 Nipples, Younger Than McCain, will be available for sale on August 1st.

Featured Designer: Ben Chlapek

Ben Chlapek | 200 Nipples T-Shirt Designer

Ben Chlapek is our first featured designer. Ben has a BFA from the University of Missouri and lives in Kansas City’s River Market district, for the moment. His living room is a print studio where he designs and screen prints posters for concerts across The Midwest. His current client list includes Feist, Iron & Wine, The Black Keys, Kimya Dawson, The Mountain Goats, and Andrew Bird. He also works for the Independent Kansas City Record Label .

Ben is a freelance illustrator, designer, and printer. You can catch up with him on his personal site at NeverSleeping.com, his MySpace, or his Flickr account. You can also find his hand-screened posters for sale at .

Ben’s premier design for 200 Nipples, RIAA RIP, will be available sale July 1st.

to get a reminder the day before it goes on sale.