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New Shirt Notice: “If Immobilized, Incinerate” by Dave Medrano

The “If Immobilized, Incinerate” t-shirt by Dave Medrano will be for sale on the home page starting at Midnight (12:00am US CST) September 1st.

“Hey, what’s your shirt mean?”
“It means that when the zombie apocalypse does finally come. I don’t want to get eaten alive with some weak-sauce like, ‘Abercombie est. 1892′ on my chest.”
“Wow, that’s cool, I’m really jealous.”
“Yeah, you look really jealous.”

If you like this design, let us know in the comments. If you hate it, tell us why. The more feedback we get, the better.

UPDATE: This design is in Today’s Top Tees over at Emptees.com! .

Featured Designer: David Medrano - "Artist RX Design"

David Medrano – “Artist RX Design” – is a illustrator/graphic designer who sprouted a love for art at a very young age. Inspired by comic books, cartoons, and at an older age fine art, and music the the admiration for art and artists alike only grew stronger. David currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico working on a freelance basis for clothing companies, photographers, fashion models, and small businesses from all around.

Dave’s design for 200nipples.com is “If Immobilized, Incinerate” and you can see it here.

You can catch up with Dave at his MySpace page: Image620 or shoot him an email at image620 [at] yahoo [dot] com.

We Just Had Our Quarter-Millionth Visitor

The quarter-millionth visitor hit the 200 Nipples server last night! Woot!

We launched June 16th, so that’s 3,893 visits per day. (There were spikes of up to 31k/day; that’s an average.)

96 people are subscribed to this very blog and 1,107 people are subscribed to our that goes out 24 hours before a new design goes on sale. (Not to mention that we’ve sold and shipped a bunch of sweet shirts that are totally unique.)

Not too shabby at all. Thanks to Scott and Shandra for all your hard work. And thanks to all of you for following along, and writing about us and linking to us.

To celebrate, I’m extending the SUPPORT-IS-GO! (15% off product and shipping) coupon code to 09/31/08.

New Shirt Notice: "Insides" by Wotto

The “Insides” t-shirt by Craig Watkins (aka Wotto) will be for sale on the home page starting at Midnight (12:00am US CST) August 18th. We’re now officially on a two-week design cycle, instead of once-a-month!

“Hey, what’s your shirt mean?”
“Sometimes I feel like I’m not like everyone else on the inside, even though I look like everyone else on the outside.”
“Wow, that’s cool, I’m really jealous.”
“Yeah, you look really jealous.”

If you like this design, let us know in the comments. If you hate it, tell us why. The more feedback we get, the better.

Featured Designer: Craig Watkins (a.k.a. Wotto)

has been illustrating for 10 years and has had a huge range of clients. Craig has painted everything from murals and stage backdrops to custom MUNNY figures. His passion is character design and creating tees that people will wear and be seen in.

You can catch up with Wotto at his Blogspot T-shirt blog, his Big Cartel Shop, or his Flickr Photostream.

His 200nipples-exclusive-extra-kickass-T-shirt, “Insides” goes on sale Monday, August 18th. You can see what “Insides” will look like when we send out the this Sunday, 24hours before it goes on sale.

A New Design Every Two Weeks, Starting Monday!

Well, we’re profitable, time to scale…

We’re going from a monthly to a two-week design cycle starting on Monday, August 18th. This means…

  • More money for our designers
  • More great shirts for you
  • More shots at that $1 tee
  • And more more work for us (‘Makes us happy. Weird…)

The overall effect will be a tighter community and more resources for us to put into making killer tees. Thanks so much to everyone who’s supported us so far. Use coupon code SUPPORT-IS-GO! (expires 08/31/08) for 15% off your next order.

Stay in the loop: Read this blog post to find out how you can get an email and/or RSS reminder the day before the next shirt goes on sale. (It’s super-easy and we won’t spam you.)

INK KC Covers 200Nipples

A while ago I had an interview with KC INK Writer Sarah Benson. It was published in last week’s issue and has finally meandered it’s way to their online site.

When we heard about a new, local Web site called 200nipples.com, our imaginations ran wild: Porn site? Guide to medical oddities?

Turns out, 200nipples.com sells T-shirts designed by different Kansas City artists. Only 100 copies of each design are sold. After that, the design plate is destroyed, according to the site.

Each shirt design covers 200 nipples total. That’s barring customers with third nipples.

The shirts are priced on a sliding scale that’s gauged by scarcity. The first shirt sells for $1. The 100th shirt sells for $100. Every month there’s a new design.

The brother-and-sister team behind the site, Kansas City residents Wade Meredith, 27, and Shandra Chapman, 30, launched it July 1. Since then, 200nipples.com has sold shirts to people all over the world, from New Zealand to the United Kingdom to Kansas City.

Meredith said he hoped the site would give Kansas City artists and designers global attention. As for its racy name, Meredith said it’s all about catching the attention of “hipster designer” types. “You know, people who would appreciate something novel.”

But naming your site 200nipples.com has its downsides: “That name gets us banned from a lot of e-mail,” Meredith said.

We made it in their WTF section. (Probably appropriate, but not exactly flattering, in the traditional sense of the word ;-) )

Source: WTF: 200nipples.com

It Just Keeps Getting Better

Scott and I did another round of feature-polish and debugging this weekend.

  • Fixed a cart bug that was giving certain OS/Web Browser combinations trouble.
  • When a shirt that is counting down hits zero, it now instantly reverts back to green instead of waiting for the whole page to hit the scheduled 5 minute refresh. (We also fixed the pointer/hand mouse-over issue when hovering over unclickable buttons.)
  • Site copy has been adjusted to make the buying experience more consistent from page to page as you move through the cart.
  • We added a contextual error message to let someone know what’s going on if they try to head back to the home page while they still have a shirt in their cart.

There’s more stuff in the works, but that’s it for now. You keep buying shirts and we’ll keep making this site better. If there are features you’d like to see, or something you think is confusing or not well laid out, let us know in the comments or via the contact page.