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New Shirt Notice: Club Guns by Loic

Club Guns by Loic

Alright guys, this one came down to the wire. I really wanted to get this design, by the artist doesn’t speak English, so we had some interesting back and forth working it out, but I think it was worth it. I love this print and it’s a breath of fresh illustrated-air after my wordy graphic designs of the past few months. It’s called “Club Guns” by Loic. Club Guns Detail

I had Loic provide me with a translation of all the words in the design (they’re in French) as well:

  • fragiles – fragile
  • J’aime le fait – like
  • de travailler – work
  • quartier – neighborhood
  • entier – whole
  • de connaître les gens – to know people
  • la musique – music
  • ordinateur – computer
  • la réalité – reality
  • Qui es-tu ? – Who are you?
  • Nice – beau
  • Yeah – Yeah
  • un – one
  • gangster – gorilla
  • ghetto – ghetto
  • Off – vide
  • Style – Style
  • New – Nouveau
  • School= école

And a little more about this French Artist (It’s pretty rough, so I’m trying to get him to send me a bio in her native language, I’ll post it here if/when I get it.):

Verlauf artist of modern times (Illustrator, Freelance Web designer). He arrived on Earth in order to work with pencils and imagination. His finest satisfaction is the gallery that was created in the womb of his mother for his little sister. It took 3 years for it to be available. From a patient’s temperament, likes to work on all types of media. Search and appreciates the challenge in his profession. A native of France, loves the world and life for its diversity. Her philosophy is love. I’ve attached pictures to my profile and Ai file.

And in French:

Verlauf artiste des temps modernes (Illustrateur, designer Web Indépendant). Il est arrivé sur la Terre pour travailler avec ses crayons et son imagination. Sa satisfaction la plus excellente est la galerie qu’ il a été créée dans l’utérus de sa mère pour sa petite soeur. Il a pris 3 ans pour que celle si soit disponible. D’un tempérament patient, il aime travailler sur tous les types de médias. Il apprécie le défi de la recherche dans sa profession. Originaire de France, il aime le monde et la vie pour sa diversité. Sa philosophie est l’amour.

You can find Loic’s portfolio .

Club Guns goes on sale on the home page December 1st at 12:00am (US CST). Enjoy… If you like this design, let us know in the comments. If you hate it, tell us why. The more feedback we get, the better.