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We're Outta Here! (For 2 Weeks)

Happy Holidays from 200Nipples

We’re taking a break to hang out with family and all that good stuff over the next two weeks. We’ll be back with a new shirt January 5th. See you then!

By the way, this is a new-shirt non-notice. I sent this out to the new-shirt notice list, so you guys aren’t left hanging.

Cartoons Drawn On The Back of Business Cards

Stupid 3333 - Gaping Void

Stupid 3333 - Gaping Void

Hugh Macleod over at Gaping Void draws cartoons on the back of business cards in his spare time. His wonderful scriblings can be funny, insightful and heart breaking. He also maintains the hard-to-overate essay on unlocking your potential: How To Be Creative. I Read the whole thing at least once a year. It makes me wish I new what my was, I think HTBC is his.

Christmas in Japan Looks Fun

As another Christmas quickly approaches us there’s no chance it’s going to slip by unnoticed in Japan, everyone seems to get in on the Christmas spirit … or commercial spirit depending on which way you look at it.

Format Magazine Recreates Iconic Album Covers in LEGO


After 50 years as an industry leader, LEGO has become a staple in any kids toy box. In more recent times the mini-figs and legendary building blocks have been used to recreate famous landmarks, classic photographs and now: 20 Classic Hip Hop Album Covers Recreated in LEGO.

Rainbow Switch is go.

It took me a long time to get working right, but that’s OK because I really think having things look right (to you) is important. It’s over there in the side bar; go to town.

K is the default setting because it matches 200nipples.com.

Why is effort uncool?

Here’s a problem I see: No one wants to look like they’re trying. That’s fine unless you’re like me and trying is the only way you ever learn anything. The more you try, even if you fail, the better you will get at something. This mentality keeps people out of the gym, out of interviews out of love and out of business.

Don’t let it happen to you. Now is a particularly good time to try most anything, in fact. The sheep are terrified, and resources are cheap.

New Design Notice: Be Still My Beating Heart

Be Still My Beating Heart

Be Still My Beating Heart

The next limited edition t-shirt for sale on 200nipples.com is “Be Still My Beating Heart” by Nick Steimling. Nick creates some really edgy and graphic art (this piece looks like a Family Circus panel after flipping through ) that is bursting with amazing detail and vibrant color. And we’re glad to have him for this next run.

“Hey, what’s your shirt mean?”
“It means that when it comes to art, blurring the line between how we think about things and how they actually are in reality is a good thing.”
“Wow, that’s cool, I’m really jealous.”
“Yeah, you look really jealous.”

This will be on sale tonight at midnight.

(This also means it’s your last chance to score your one-of-a-kind print of “3d Samurai.” As always, when this new one goes on sale, that one comes down.)

If you like this design, let us know in the comments. If you hate it, tell us why. The more feedback we get, the better.