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All Day I Dream About Shirts.

All Day I Dream About Shirts.

Now that I know what ADIDAS stands for I am going to buy more Adidas gear.

Especially this vintage shirt below. We hope that one day 200Nipples Prints
will be worth a premium since we only make 100 of each design. Now to demand
what this shirt below demands that’s extra special.

This was a limited edition  t-shirt  collaboration between RUN DMC and Adidas.

It sells for between 10-15,000 dollars when someone puts it up for sale.

Here is a video RUN DMC did for ADIDAS. Did they do it because they loved ADIDAS or did ADIDAS Pay them?

New Rube-Goldbergian OK Go Video Melts Minds, Tickles Fancies

OK Go continues to be the gold standard when it comes to making music videos of such earnest quality that they absolutely must be shared.

Format Magazine Recreates Iconic Album Covers in LEGO


After 50 years as an industry leader, LEGO has become a staple in any kids toy box. In more recent times the mini-figs and legendary building blocks have been used to recreate famous landmarks, classic photographs and now: 20 Classic Hip Hop Album Covers Recreated in LEGO.