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Every t-shirt has a story

This things like a trailer for a Hollywood movie.

Way to go PacSun.

All Day I Dream About Shirts.

All Day I Dream About Shirts.

Now that I know what ADIDAS stands for I am going to buy more Adidas gear.

Especially this vintage shirt below. We hope that one day 200Nipples Prints
will be worth a premium since we only make 100 of each design. Now to demand
what this shirt below demands that’s extra special.

This was a limited edition  t-shirt  collaboration between RUN DMC and Adidas.

It sells for between 10-15,000 dollars when someone puts it up for sale.

Here is a video RUN DMC did for ADIDAS. Did they do it because they loved ADIDAS or did ADIDAS Pay them?

EARLY Jim Henson commercials selling coffee are genius...

If only commercials were this good today. I love these two.

Top 20 Five Second Films from 5 Second Films

The rules are simple: 2 seconds of beginning titles, 5 seconds of film, 1 second of end titles. If you take umbrage with these 5sfs running at an actual length of 8 seconds, we can only assume youre no fun at dinner parties.

(NSFW – Language/Violence) from 5secondFilms.com.

L.L. Bean Not Just For Dorks?

What with Vampire Weekend making Yuppies cool again, L.L. Bean is turning their game up a few notches. I’m not sure I (will ever) buy it, though. It just makes me think of Parker Posy and Michael Hitchcock from Best in Show .

Clients From Hell

Client: “The blue isn’t right.”

Me: “What PMS color are we trying to match?”

Client: “Oh, you know, the color of the Texas sky around daybreak.”

My new favorite tumblr blog: Clients from Hell