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Shirt Notice: Don't Make Me A Target

Zebra Shirt by 200 Nipples

Zebra’s are the only animals in nature I know of that use . As opposed to what most people think of when they hear “camouflage”, dazzle camouflage doesn’t obscure a target, but breaks up its shape and confusing the visual perception of would-be observers.

Is it large or small; is it coming or going? Is that an butt or a snout? Should we just go eat gazelle instead of trying to wrap our heads around this weirdness? (Said the lioness.)

This all makes the Zebra unquestionably badass in my designer’s mind. So I’d like one across my chest. Since I tend to print stuff I want to own, you can get one across your chest, too starting May 10th.

Girl Cut Zebra T-Shirt by 200 Nipples

As usual, the shirt will be printed on a super-soft high quality ring spun cotton blank, it has a “tagless” tag for comfort, is packed with a certificate of authenticity, and is made with love. Enjoy.

“Don’t Make Me A Target” goes on sale on the home page May 10th, 2010 at 12:00am (US CST).

If you like this shirt, let us know in the comments. If you hate it, tell us why. The more feedback we get, the better.

EARLY Jim Henson commercials selling coffee are genius...

If only commercials were this good today. I love these two.

Demi Moore by Garance Doré on the cover of Elle

Garance Dore Elle Cover of Demi Moore

Garance Dore does Demi Moore on the cover of Elle.

I just want to say to everyone like me who chose slightly more complicated paths, the roads less traveled, the ones with lots of roadblocks and long stretches of anguish, I just want to say that the most important thing is to always be moving toward your desire.

Words to live by…

COLOURlovers and ColorSchemer merge to for CHROMAom

…will launch in the next few months as the ultimate color authority, aiming to be the “Nielsen for all things color.”


COLOURlovers has always been fantastic. This is great news. I’m excited to see what sort of things CHROMAom brings to market (other than weirdly capitalized branding.) The current placeholder site up at certainly whets the appetite with this welcoming statement:

Color enlightenment can not be given to you. It can only be discovered on your own. With the right tools, inspiration and guidance this can be a creative and enjoyable journey. We’re here to help you reach your color enlightenment.

Microsoft attributes $100,000,000 to using the right shade of blue...

In his presentation at Microsoft’s MIX10 conference, Paul Ray talked about the design process behind Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing, including how the team uses data and design principles to make decisions.

MIX10: Designing Bing with Heart & Science

BPX's Propaganda Poster Collection

There goes my morning… This is why I love social media. What a fabulous artistic, political and historical treasure trove-at my fingertips.


Official government communications to the public that are designed to influence opinion. The information may be true or false, but it is always carefully selected for its political effect.

- American Heritage New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition

Flickr Collection – Propaganda

New Rube-Goldbergian OK Go Video Melts Minds, Tickles Fancies

OK Go continues to be the gold standard when it comes to making music videos of such earnest quality that they absolutely must be shared.

Scott Adams: Crazy or Disciplined...

The best you can hope for in this life is that your delusions are benign and your compulsions have utility.

Nike ships water bottles all over the world to prove how green Nike is when they recycle water bottles.

This is one badass press release, but seems a bit off message from a meta point of view… (Than again, it worked; I’m writing about it.)

Clients From Hell

Client: “The blue isn’t right.”

Me: “What PMS color are we trying to match?”

Client: “Oh, you know, the color of the Texas sky around daybreak.”

My new favorite tumblr blog: Clients from Hell

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