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Frequently Asked Questions

What's with "200 Nipples"?

That's how many nipples we assume will be covered by any single run of our high-quality shirts. We'll have the third-nippled buyer in there occasionally, but we didn't want to count on it when naming the company; this is serious business, after all. Statistically speaking three out of 50 humans will be born with a third nipple. (You can learn more about this at

When will there be a new design up for sale?

We currently have a new design available every Monday at 12:01am U.S. CST (GMT -6). You can always check the new design countdown on the home page.

Will you call me right before it goes on sale?

Kinda'... Check out to find out how you can get an email and/or RSS reminder the day before the next shirt goes on sale.

Who's in charge around here?

There's a multipart answer to that question. We've got four owners. On the right is my sister, Shandra. She does business stuff. I'm Wade and I do web stuff. We're both graceful. We're also the ones you'll most likely end up talking to if you contact us or have a problem with your order or the website. Here's a picture of us so you can put a face with the names.

Then there are the two guys behind the scenes. Scott is the code master that programmed our bizarro shopping cart. And Jess is out on the west coast shipping orders and sourcing designers to work for us. They make the crazy stuff Shandra and I come up with actually happen, instead of you know, just remain idle chit chat. We all own the company in a business partnership and we all answer to each other.

Can I get so-and-so design in a different color?


How does shipping work?

We ship orders on or before the ship date listed with the design. All orders ship free. (Yes, all of them.) Please allow 5-7 business days after the ship date for your package to arrive.

What makes your shirts worth $29?

They're made using the highest quality materials and processes available. Yes, our designs are super-cool. Yes, it's a killer conversation piece. And yes, every aspect of these garments, from the ultra-comfortable tagless tag, to the packaging materials, has been lovingly slaved over by my sister and me.

But honestly, if we were selling these shirts by the thousands while a machine somewhere in China cranked them out 24-hours a day, then they'd cost about $10 each. But we're not doing that, are we? We're making your shirt the way you want it. We're also offering you a piece of clothing that you'll pretty much never see anyone else wearing at your lame very-awesome hipster parties. You'd have to go to a second-hand store to get that kind of exclusivity, otherwise. And our shirts don't smell like cigarette smoke and disinfectant. In fact, they smell like something new that was hand made just for you.