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Faster ship times, a new shirt every week and a site makeover.

2 Nuprin

2 Nuprin

As some of you may have noticed we’ve refreshed the site. We’re showing more info about each shirt, we have better mock-ups and we’ve improved the checkout process as well as talked some general usability issues.

Poke and around and let us know if you a typos or if you find something you can break. We’ve got a host of new site features rolling out over the next few months and this was a big first step.

And the BIG news is…

  • As of March 1st, we’ll be bringing you a design a week instead of once a month.
  • Also as of March 1st, our shipping times will be 8 days instead of 21.

More good stuff is coming; these are exciting times! Stay tuned.

Let us know what you think in the comments, or feel free to shoot us an email.

Christmas in Japan Looks Fun

As another Christmas quickly approaches us there’s no chance it’s going to slip by unnoticed in Japan, everyone seems to get in on the Christmas spirit … or commercial spirit depending on which way you look at it.

Format Magazine Recreates Iconic Album Covers in LEGO


After 50 years as an industry leader, LEGO has become a staple in any kids toy box. In more recent times the mini-figs and legendary building blocks have been used to recreate famous landmarks, classic photographs and now: 20 Classic Hip Hop Album Covers Recreated in LEGO.

Why is effort uncool?

Here’s a problem I see: No one wants to look like they’re trying. That’s fine unless you’re like me and trying is the only way you ever learn anything. The more you try, even if you fail, the better you will get at something. This mentality keeps people out of the gym, out of interviews out of love and out of business.

Don’t let it happen to you. Now is a particularly good time to try most anything, in fact. The sheep are terrified, and resources are cheap.

Free Dog Silhouette Vector Art for Illustrator or Photoshop

Veecteezy has killer set of dog vector art. It’s free for any sort of use, personal or commercial.

[Free Dog Silhouette Vector Art at Vecteezy]

"If Immobilized, Incinerate" is a Top Tee at Emptees.com!

“If Immobilized, Incinerate” is in Today’s Top Tees over at Emptees! .

It Just Keeps Getting Better

Scott and I did another round of feature-polish and debugging this weekend.

  • Fixed a cart bug that was giving certain OS/Web Browser combinations trouble.
  • When a shirt that is counting down hits zero, it now instantly reverts back to green instead of waiting for the whole page to hit the scheduled 5 minute refresh. (We also fixed the pointer/hand mouse-over issue when hovering over unclickable buttons.)
  • Site copy has been adjusted to make the buying experience more consistent from page to page as you move through the cart.
  • We added a contextual error message to let someone know what’s going on if they try to head back to the home page while they still have a shirt in their cart.

There’s more stuff in the works, but that’s it for now. You keep buying shirts and we’ll keep making this site better. If there are features you’d like to see, or something you think is confusing or not well laid out, let us know in the comments or via the contact page.

New Feature: The Gallery Is Live

I built The Archives section of the site last night. It will be the place to get all vital statistics, and pictures of, shirts that we have sold in the past. Right now it only contains our beta test shirt, but it will fill up as we keep moving along…

Launch: The First 24 Hours


Welcome to what is now a very official seller of killer limited edition numbered t-shirts from $1-$100.

Welcome to 200nipples.com! ( <— That is the home page. This is the blog.)

Our beta test ended July 1st at 12:01am. 24 hours later, we’ve sold 26 shirts, received 9,000+ page loads, gained 5 RSS subscribers to this blog, and acquired 28 subscribers.

As a bonus, I also got to chat with Seth Godin (A personal hero of mine) for a few minutes, because someone sent him a link to our site, and he wrote to let me know he thought it was a good idea. :-)

We also squashed 3 bugs in our shopping cart software and defeated a hacking attempt. It was friendly hacking, sort-of. They hacked us first, and notified us of the weakness later, only after we’d . We also made myriad improvements to the site’s layout, content, and graphic user interface. Almost all of the recent improvements are due to us putting our site in front of the the excellently critical community at Hacker News. You can read through the thread here, if you’re interested.

In fact, I was talking to Scott Connerly (our Javascript blackbelt) this morning and we both agreed that the next time we launch a project, that we’ll do a beta, then a Hacker News launch, followed by an official launch. That’s how insanely helpful that group of people is. If you’re building anything online, make sure you spend some time on that site. It does a good.

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