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Some Down Time

Hey gang, you may notice that the site is offline. We’ll be back in a few weeks with a few changes I’m pretty excited about. See you then…

Pricing Changes

Effective at midnight tonight we’re killing the free shipping thing and dropping shirt prices to $19. Another change is we’re probably going to let this one run for a while.

There are a few BIG changes about to happen around here and we’re concentrating on getting those ready for you guys. I don’t want to spoil too much, but pretty soon you’ll be able to buy shirts out of the archives. So if you missed a design in the past, you’ll be able to still get one. At least up until we’ve sold 100 of any design; that won’t change. Each shirt will still be sold in limited editions of 100.

No new shirt this week.

Hey gang, we’re going to let the current shirt run for another week. (Those of you paying attention to the new shirt countdown probably already know this.) I’ve been spending my time on some new features for the site, so we’re in somewhat of a holding pattern at them moment. We’ll get a new one up next Monday, I promise.

Two changes - flat pricing & free shipping.

Two big changes are happening at 200 Nipples.

  1. Flat pricing – starting Monday, April 12th we’re charging $29/shirt.
  2. Free shipping worldwide.

Much to my chagrin (I’m actually getting to be more and more OK with it as we’ve been discussing the future of the brand internally) we’re going to  flat pricing model. This is due to two factors. Firstly, I kind of have to or I won’t be able to afford to do this for a whole lot longer, and I really like doing it. It doesn’t pay my mortgage or even pay for my lunch at this point, but it is a lot of fun. Secondly, and this was the big one, we had a lot of our users (almost 100) respond to the customer survey we put up a few months back. One of the most requested features was flat pricing. I think people often see a shirt they like, but once the price gets over $30 (a price point mentioned often) they just can’t justify it. Another added bonus is people can now buy the number they want instead of the number they can afford.

As for the free shipping, it’s effective immediately and it is exactly what it says it is. We aren’t charging for shipping to anyone, ever. I HATE paying for shipping when buying online. We’ve always wanted to offer free shipping, and now we’re be able to. Free shipping is effective immediately.

A Moment, Please...

Hey gang, there isn’t going to be a new shirt next week. We are going on hiatus for a week to clean up some things on the back end of the site and to implement a couple of new features. So… we’ll be back  on April 12th! Thanks for your patience and we’ll see you then.


The cart is fixed...

Had a few hiccups last Monday with ordering girl-cut tees. (Super sorry ’bout that.)

This has been fixed. Keep calm, carry on.

We're Desperate For Your Opinion!

Hey, gang. We’re basically in the process of rebuilding the site from the ground up, so we’re looking for feedback on the 200nipples experience so far. Hit up this survey and give us some input so we can make the site a better experience for YOU. Yes; you specifically. It’s a win-win and should only take ~5 minutes.

Database Goofiness

Hey guys, we’re aware that the home page is acting erratically and are racing to get it fixed before the midnight launch tonight. If we don’t get it fixed to go within the next 20 minutes or so, we’ll postpone until tomorrow night.

My apologies, watch this space for an update.

UPDATE: Carry on, carry on… Nothing to see here.

You Are Truly Awesome Dreamhost

This day in 200nipples history 100% awesome covered in awesome-sauce with a warm awesome center…

At around 6am this morning our hosting company, Dreamhost, borked our site. It was down for the following 9 hours until just a few minutes ago. This is such perfect timing, let me count the ways…

  1. A went out today, because we have a new t-shirt going on sale tonight at midnight. This service has over 1700+ subscribers and our traffic on new shirt notice days is always order of magnitude higher than normal. (About 7k hits vs. 200-500) So all those folks got to see a big fat blank page for the last 9 hours.
  2. The new shirt notice that went out was the first one we’ve had in over a month, almost 7 weeks, actually, because we just changed our release schedule to the 1st of every month instead of every 4 weeks.
  3. It’s also the first new shirt notice we’ve had go out since we got covered in the local news paper, which gave us a huge traffic spike and had 100+ new subscribers to the new shirt notice service..

Brilliant. Smashing, really.

Yes, I’m passing the buck to my hosting company by publicly bitching. I could pony up more cash and buy better hosting, but honestly Dreamhost is down rarely. Like maybe once every 6 months and it usually never lasts more then a few minutes. It’s just that their timing was extraordinarily crappy this go-round.

Thanks for your patience. We’re all clear now. So cheers and buy the new design because it’s rad. Not as rad as this, but rad none the less.

200Nipples In The News: KC Star

Kansas City Star Building

Kansas City Star Building

Our nipples got some coverage in the Kansas City Star today! We’re the first ones listed in a story about local Kansas City T-Shirt shops. That’s the Kansas City Star Production facility up there. If you’ve ever seen it, you’ll know it is a fantastic building. You can see all the presses and ton-rolls of paper in action as they print the Star every night. It’s all glass and it’s right on I-670 in downtown KC, but I digress…

Read our section of the write up below, click through for the full story:


•Limited edition: 200nipples.com features just one design a month and sells no more than 100 shirts of that design. And if you get in early, you can get a great deal. Shirt No. 1 sells for $1. Shirt No. 2, $2. But Shirt No. 100: $100 (yikes). Co-owner Wade Meredith views the site as a marketing experiment — it rewards “first adopters.” 200 Nipples typically sells 30-40 of each design, sometimes even the $100 T. And there’s no extra inventory because the shirts aren’t made until they’ve been purchased.

•It takes three: Meredith’s partners are his sister Shandra Chapman and friend Scott Connerly.

•About that name: 100 shirts = 200 nipples, right? But some killjoy mentioned that about 6 percent of people have some sort of third nipple. So Meredith also registered the domain name 206nipples.com.

•Fan club: Five or so people have bought every shirt sold by 200 Nipples — 15 designs so far.

•Available: At 200nipples.com and soon at Vahalla Studios, 2111 Washington St. in the Crossroads.

Warmer weather brings out hot T-shirt designs, all made in KC – KC Star

Bonus: they mentioned the Vahalla Studios retail shop that will be opening soon on the southwest side of the Crossroads district. (You may soon be able to score some 200nipples gear in a brick-and-mortar-store!)

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