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Featured Designer: Cris.Howe.Designs

Cris.Howe.Designs was formed in the summer of 08, by two guys who stare aimlessly at band shirts all day and think up ideas for shirts.

We decided to turn that thought into reality, and we made a MySpace profile, and told maybe 10 people about it, and maybe 4 of those people were in bands. Out of just that little telling, we started getting friend requests daily, and messages asking for designs. We’ve designed for quite a few local bands, and we’re looking to only get bigger! We put a lot of time and effort into our designs, to not only satisfy the client, but to satisfy us. We feel like our job isn’t done until it’s liked by many people.

So far all the designs we’ve sold have been pretty big hits on shirts, and every band has been more than pleased with our work. Our designs are reasonably priced, and people have been coming back to us for more than one design so, check us out!

Cris.Howe.Designs will be bringing you our second Halloween t-shirt design that hits next week. It’s called “I Love You To Death” and it will be on the blog this Sunday, and will go on sale Monday, as usual. .

P.S. That illustration will make so much sense once you see the design these guys, er, broke off for you. ;-)

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