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New Design, Free Shirt, and Old Pricing. Read Slowly!)

1. New Design

The new design will be coming soon and we will leave “Ghost Town” up a few more days while we get it ready.

2. Free Shirt

Every “Ghost Town” shirt ordered (Which is one of our favorite designs) will receive a Free Shirt from the Archive Store.

Your Free Shirt will come in the same size that you order of “Ghost Town”. We will  send “Today”, “Make Progress”, “At Your Leisure”, or “Don’t make me a Target” as Your Free Shirt.

There is something extra for the customers that ordered “Ghost Town” before the Free Shirt addition.  You’ll see below.

3. Old Pricing

The new design will be available with our OG pricing. That’s right #1 is $1, #2 is $2, and so on. You know the deal.
We will do this every once in awhile to remember what got us to this point of not making any money. Hope you can laugh with us.

Someday we do hope 200Nipples becomes successful with a flat price per shirt.

For the people who ordered a “Ghost Town” shirt before the Free Shirt addition: We are going to give you the first crack at the next design with the OG pricing.
We’ll send you an email about it before the new design goes up.