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Ghost Town & Archives

A GHOST TOWN (Available 02.04.11) is what it was here at 200Nipples for the past few months. That is actually the inspiration behind this design. One of the buildings in the GHOST TOWN has a 200 Nipples sign hanging out in front. Is it a Salon, Casino, or Haunted Inn? There is also a random tourist, citizen, or ghost walking in the streets.

You can now buy some of the archived designs from the past at the ARCHIVE STORE. We are still only selling a total of 100 of each design. What you see available in the Archive is the balance available after the design comes down from the homepage. Once a design does go into the archive store it does cost more so buy it when it’s new on the homepage for less if you want it.

You will see some more changes and additions coming. We will be turning up the tops that cover your nipples, we might change the numbering system on the shirts, and we will be getting our inspiration from some unique places that will make each product even more unique. 200 Nipples will always keep it limited edition!

Other sites sell shirts for a limited time for less money (and they probably sell thousands) we will not go there. We will stick to selling a limited amount vs. a limited time. We buy shirts from them sometimes for ourselves so there is love for them. Hugs and Kisses!

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